Giorgio Frascati

Giorgio Frascati, Venice Italy, artist salt lake city, artist park city, artist las vegas

Italian born Giorgio Frascati discovered his life’s calling as a teenager during a school trip to Venice. Painting was to become the center of his world.


Giorgio soon moved from his hometown of Sacile to the famed city of canals and started honing his artist’s skills surrounded by Venice’s beauty and the works of Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Giorgione, to name but a few.


He quickly found an affinity for creating murals and an ability to perfectly replicate marble, wood grain, brick, and create beautiful trompe l’oeil*. While his reproduction of famous paintings has earned him special recognition, Giorgio also paints in a variety of style from classic to impressionist or modern, and he very much enjoys bringing to life cartoon, or fairy tale characters in murals for children.


After earning his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Italy, Giorgio found himself in great demand, not only in his own country, but throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East where he fulfilled many commissions. He and his wife eventually made the permanent move to Salt Lake City, Utah, to follow their daughter who had made the move from Italy some years earlier.


Giorgio now fulfills commissions in the U.S. and Europe and continues to be a prolific artist.

*trompe l’oeil: a painting that is cleverly designed to trick people into thinking that the objects represented in it are really there.

Giorgio works with local contractors, real estate agents, designers, decorators, crafstmen and other artists.



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